Welcome to 50 Photographic Safaris

50 Photographic Safaris are specially designed to provide you with the ultimate wildlife experiences to help improve your photography.

Whether you are a day one beginner, or a seasoned professional, our photographic safaris cater to your needs. Each exclusive safari has been specifically chosen to coincide with the most amazing of natures spectacles, from the wildebeest migration in Kenya to the tigers of India, the polar bears of Canada to the ice monkeys in Japan! We will take you to every corner of the globe, and bring you back with images you never thought you were capable of taking! Your award winning photographic host will let you in on all the secrets to wildlife photography, and help you advance your own skills.

Our limited number groups, luxurious lodges and private photographic guides ensure a personable, comfortable experience, which will leave you relaxed, enthralled and craving more!